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The Race

14 Day 765, 21:58 Published in Israel Israel


Sh'lom, Chaverim!

My name is Moishe and I am running for a seat in the Knesset in the District of Haifa.

My eReligious beliefs is Ultra-Orthodox. However I am not above accepting alliance with our brothers of other faiths who fight for

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The Call

27 Day 599, 21:30 Published in USA USA

Once more to the Wall, Boys, once more to the Wall!
We have to pay the toll, Boys, we have to pay it all!
There's no time to falter. There's no time to pause.
Our Nation put out the Call, Boys, once more to the Wall!

Our Honor will be written

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The Jack Acid Society

26 Day 593, 18:52 Published in USA USA

"We have met the enemy and he is us!"

No truer words have ever been spoken unless it was the equally folksy and yet poignant, "If you can't vote my way, vote anyway, but VOTE!"

So who was the genius that spoke these words? Was it General

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Cootie Power

16 Day 588, 19:06 Published in USA USA

This article is actually a re-print of an article I had on a blog I once wrote. I had intended to write another but time passed too quickly tonight as I assisted my son in obtaining his own company. I hope no one minds a re-visit to one of my old read more »

Personae of the Mind

48 Day 585, 20:05 Published in USA USA

This is my newspaper. I am its owner, its publisher, its editor and its sole writer. Some day I hope it reaches Media Mogul - but I am never going to resort to buying subscriptions. I want you to subscribe, read, and comment because either you

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