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42 Day 800, 12:37 Published in USA USA

You just did it... :DDD
Lower Normandy is being overrun by enemy forces, occupation is imminent.

EDEN wasted over 2 mil. dmg against UK for nothing... IN YOUR FACE !!! :DDD[read more »

Row, row, row your boat !!!

33 Day 799, 12:49 Published in Romania Romania

You still have your eImagination land to dream about eRomanian empire, don’t you ? 🙂read more »


56 Day 797, 14:05 Published in Romania Romania

I was just kidding... 🙂

Pwned twice in the row, get used on it.

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Ding, dong, ding, ding...

47 Day 796, 14:34 Published in Romania Romania

eRomania- Who is it ?

eSerbia - Guess who ?

eRomania - Daaaamn, RUN, SAVE FOR YOUR LIFEZZZZZZ !!!!

Hold your pants(again) we are comming... 😁)

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Mhm... What ???

99 Day 795, 13:19 Published in Romania Romania

They provoked Serbian Army and guess what ??? We are in Sofia... 😁))

After eRomanian kitty tanks found out what happened, reaction was...

'nuff said, over and out.

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