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Got greedy and the system stopped me in my tracks

0 Day 868, 09:45 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Earlier, I was doing some research and I stumbled across Hungary which currently offers mid-level Construction workers like me wages that surpasses the price of L5 Food in that country.

Here in UK, while I can afford L4 Food at my pay scale,

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After food and wellness, then what ?

3 Day 867, 18:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

As mentioned in my last posting, my immediate goals are to work hard to level up on my construction skills, buy good food to boost my wellness as well as stock up before venturing toward another goal. With basic storage of 20 slots, with one of

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On the move again

1 Day 867, 04:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

This time, I have moved from Japan to United Kingdom, in search of better prospects.

Many thanks to the helpful advice from fellow eRepublik-ians and useful web resources, I have found what I believe to be a more conducive country to Live Long

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Setting oneself up to be a global citizen/worker

4 Day 865, 10:46 Published in Japan Japan

As I see it, if I want to take advantage of there are a few basics that need to be looked into.

First of all, in order to travel, I must have a ready supply of moving tickets and the cheapest ones are of course the Q1 ones. So, I am looking at

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Poland is providing an interesting case study

1 Day 862, 18:34 Published in Japan Japan

Thanks to many kind folks giving advice, food and gifts, my wellness has jumped up substantially, and I am no longer in danger of dying.

And I suppose, because of that, I may not be prime target for sacking by my company anymore, hopefully.

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