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test paper, on pause for the moment where we really are...

231 Day 3,049, 05:03 Published in France France Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I recently posted a story on my blog entitled [url=

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Alexis answer to a banned CP: we do listen we just don't always do what you want

562 Day 1,203, 09:53 Published in France France

There is a lot of talk that we don't listen or reply to user feedback. Well we do and I just wanted to share with you my answer to one such feedback sent by one former CP that we had to ban from the game.
He was banned from eRepublik because he

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Erepublik brings strategy games to the Web

22 Day 319, 11:22 Published in France France

We had a short article on Techcrunch USA yesterday, you can find it here:

[a url=

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The real top 5 countries (visits wise) and I'm moving to the USA

13 Day 303, 06:41 Published in France France

The USA might seem like the 3rd Erepublik superpower, but in fact 12,5% of all visits to Erepublik come from the USA.

Then come::
Spain with 12,1%
Romania with: 11,6%
and Finland (yes Finland!) with 5,45%

Since I moved to Spain when it

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Pakistan launches space program

4 Day 239, 11:31 Published in France France

I must say I really love this erepublik wiki entry: [a url=]Pakistani space program[/a]

What is your favourite?

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