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Kira Leans to the Left - Vote Kira! in East Midlands

11 Day 764, 09:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fair Representation

Kira stands for equal rights irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, creed or no creed, mental health, qualifications, age and disability.

The Old Boys Network of young hetero men seems to dominate eUK … read more »

Kira Stands for Tyke Custard, again. 25 November 2009

11 Day 735, 05:04 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

I love Tupperware and so I love everything fresh. That is why I am a keen member of TUP and the fresh and sensible ideas this Party brings to the eUK.

We in the eUK face troubled times both economically and militarily and we therefore need sound

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Vietnam Comes to Holmfirth

3 Day 707, 03:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Holmfirth sets it's sights on being the Haute Cuisine Capital of Yorkshire

It might have been just another day on the trail of Last of the Summer Wine, but now … read more »

Vote UK Dragon for Yorkshire and Humberside Congress MP

6 Day 705, 12:56 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Vote UK Dragon, the proven candidate for Parliament

Kira so wants to be in Parliament but would like you to vote for her running mate and mentor, UK Dragon, the man with the Big Banana.

Vote for the Big Banana, UK Dragon read more »

Vote Kira ! For Congress, Yorkshire & Humberside Region

4 Day 705, 04:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

KiraQuest and one of her life long lovers, UK Dragon went to place their votes today as Yorkshire & Humberside's newest with-it political couples in Yorkshire who put the Gloss back in Glossop and brings something to … read more »