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eDaily SFF: last article

9 Day 639, 21:26 Published in USA USA

412 votes and 82 mostly positive comments are the result of my last article puplished on this newspaper, but there are necessary just to be some people who feel bad after reading an … read more »

For a free press, free eDaily SFF

10 Day 633, 02:24 Published in Italy Italy

If you are against the censorship on the internet, if you are for a free press and for the right of free speech please support the eDaily SFF-newspaper with a subscription.

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Buy Weapons: Free offer

20 Day 622, 13:37 Published in Venezuela Venezuela

Buy one rifle and two grenades and get a backpack for free!

+++ Selling 3 Q1-Weapons + free gift for only 0.89 gold! +++

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eDaily SFF uncovers secret eNazi connection

35 Day 617, 01:07 Published in Venezuela Venezuela

The secret eNazi-Yeti conspiracy, they are so close to get the wunderwaffe.

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Quality journalism in eRepublik

30 Day 615, 14:45 Published in USA USA

Yesterday an angry reader wrote me an angry message demanding more quality content on this newspaper. I do my best in constantly raising the quality level. In the meantime I warmly recommend you [url=

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