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Ekonomicke zmeny - Zajtra je to tu!

12 Day 3,144, 07:44 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Financial business Financial business

Caute vsetci!
Prvy clanok po takmer roku 🙂

Za posledne tyzdne som hodil par linkov do Perunskeho chatu, tak ak chcete analyzu do vacsej hlbky, pozrite si ich 😉

[img][/img] … read more »

The Time Has Come!

2 Day 2,806, 10:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Battle orders Battle orders

Hi guys, please help my original ehome get rid of foreign dictator.

eSlovakia was among the read more »

A New God of War Arises!

21 Day 2,704, 08:51 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Deer Friends!

Yes, a new God of War has risen amongst you!

And it's ME 😃


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[CP] Do Polskych Prziacoloch - Losing against Dictatorship!

45 Day 2,662, 02:39 Published in Poland Poland Battle orders Battle orders

Deer Friends, bad news!

Slovakia is losing the fight for democracy! Urgent help is needed in every division.

Do and Shout:

Slovakia Calling for Help read more »

[CP] Madarska diktatura na Slovensku

28 Day 2,657, 05:47 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Deer Friends, bad news!

Necakal som zeby som to raz povedal, ale shoutujte:

Fight for USA! Keep the Occupation! Deny Dictatorship! more »