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The Election Day

10 Day 1,070, 15:47 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

The Election Day while very one was bizi in the coordination of votes.
Uni-Sol Troops Seize control of the old ATO HQ.
The Operation continued for 7 hrs.
At the end of which troops took a local Trucks,
There is no news of them till now...


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someone have to do it !! lolxx

7 Day 1,046, 15:49 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Muha Muhahahaha
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The Big Meeting (one liners)

6 Day 1,010, 20:57 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

It was a Traditional meeting using Old-Tech(irc) technology

A few government officials meet up;
((US)) blame things on each other and walk … read more »

Uni-Sol Political Center

7 Day 1,006, 16:03 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

From ATO SPY Plane,
Few words on the creation of Uni-Sol Political Center.

This is just, just a beginning. I never officially congratulate the Pakistani ATO Members on regaining Control of the Country's Politics.

There is nothing to

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So... Happy Independence day

14 Day 997, 18:47 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Pak sar zameen shadbad
(Blessed be the sacred land)

Kishwar-e-haseen shadbad
(Happy be the bounteous realm)
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