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Happy deletion day FYROM!

32 Day 3,219, 23:09 Published in Cyprus Cyprus Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

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Hungarian refugees

8 Day 2,860, 06:52 Published in Chile Chile Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hungarian refugees in Austria and Yugoslavia, 1956.

Some 200,000 Hungarians were welcomed without passports and visas, were provided food and shelter and were resettled without delay to a total of 37 different countries – the first 100,000 of

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PLATO FIX MAP! (hail tangica edition)

9 Day 2,756, 09:48 Published in Chile Chile First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

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69 Day 2,659, 12:39 Published in Chile Chile Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Live long and prosper.

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4 Day 2,610, 02:57 Published in Chile Chile Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Mahanje Poljskoj od Sub-Humans ekipe 🙂

I poseban pozdrav našem Prophetu...

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