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Germany, PEACE, and Neutrality

41 Day 609, 17:27 Published in Germany Germany


Dear members of the German community,

I see that Gobba recently presented his case for joining PEACE to Congress. Obviously his post

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The Impeachment of Shoot

35 Day 564, 13:33 Published in Germany Germany

Dear citizens, members of Congress!

Yesterday, shoot gained the German presidency through well-documented electoral fraud ([url= more »

Message from your parting Minister of Defense

17 Day 563, 23:57 Published in Germany Germany

Dear German and allied soldiers, dear citizens,

Today is my last day as Minister of Defense for Germany, a post that … read more »

~State of the Union~

43 Day 491, 21:44 Published in Germany Germany

Dear citizens of the Austro-German Union,

Today's 'conquest' of Tyrol marks the completion of our Union. As Austria's last (legitimate) President I would like to make a few comments to honor this great achievement.

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~The Bitter End~

12 Day 474, 08:05 Published in Austria Austria

Dear Austrian congressmen and congresswomen,

It is unfortunate that our efforts to remove Silent Bob from office have been frustrated. We now know that [url= more »