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Citizen welcome message [ENG]

9 Day 525, 16:23 Published in Germany Germany

Dear new user, My name is John, and I will be your guide for today. I want to tell you alittle about what Erepublik is.

Erepublik is political simulator based in 'the New World'. Luckily, you don't have to be a politican to make a career here,

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**Official statement of the government concerning the Q1 Food situation**

7 Day 521, 11:33 Published in Germany Germany

Dear citizens and company owners.

The price of Q1 Food has risen to unbearable levels recently and the government is determined to not let this continue. eGerman Q1 food today is nearly twice as expensive as comparable products on the

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*** Results of the grand German citizen survey March 2009***

7 Day 498, 13:20 Published in Germany Germany

Hello to all German citizens and to the visitors of this country.

In the beginning of last month the BMI started a survey amongst the Germans.

It was held from the 2nd till the 6th or March. The results of that survey were sent to me on the

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***The grand German citizen survey March 2009***

24 Day 468, 05:07 Published in Germany Germany

Dear Germans,

our population is growing on a daily basis and our country is facing new and exciting challenges every day.
For that reason we decided to launch regular surveys to get an idea of the state of our country and to get to know our

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The German wage structure - Das Lohnniveau in Deutschland

10 Day 453, 08:47 Published in Germany Germany

Hi everyone,

just to quickly introduce myself. This is Starkad Rorlikson, and i have been in charge for the BMI (Ministry of the Interior) of about 2 months now.
In this role i

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