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Independent Voices members!!

5 Day 785, 14:53 Published in Ireland Ireland

i come to you with a simple request

all i ask is that you go to the forums ans help me get them active again
these were always our heart and i will make it so again

all i ask from you is one post each to start that is 60 total


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I HATE YOU ALLL !!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Day 776, 21:25 Published in Ireland Ireland

ok now i have your attention plz vote up 🙂
and plz disregard the title 🙂

ok so this country has changes big time iv noticed
so im jus askin for all who know me to comment and help bring me back up to speed EVEN THOSE OUTTA THE COUNTRY YES

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Attention Independant Voices !!!!!!

5 Day 763, 07:28 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hi All

Now firstly edena sorry about this but it needs to be said.
And while im here congrats ur doin a great job 🙂 .

Now to the point.

I notice there are very very few of us running for congress.
I would like that to change today.

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My Congress Manifesto :)

10 Day 762, 15:21 Published in Ireland Ireland

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Binksy and I am a 7 term Congressman and 2 time Party President of Independent voices running as the incumbent from (The North East). For those of you who have supported me throughout my tenure in

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Just stopin by with some advise

11 Day 744, 09:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

I strongly urge you to vote uaithne or niall-h

these are good people

they are good for ireland and for you

that is all they are conserned with
they are stable and reliable

thanks you for your time

good luck to all

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