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My Congress Manifesto :)

10 Day 762, 15:21 Published in Ireland Ireland

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Binksy and I am a 7 term Congressman and 2 time Party President of Independent voices running as the incumbent from (The North East). For those of you who have supported me throughout my tenure in

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Just stopin by with some advise

11 Day 744, 09:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

I strongly urge you to vote uaithne or niall-h

these are good people

they are good for ireland and for you

that is all they are conserned with
they are stable and reliable

thanks you for your time

good luck to all

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My time has come im sorry to say

17 Day 734, 14:51 Published in Ireland Ireland

It is with regret that i must announce this but as a wise man once said"death comes to us all"

so i would like to leave a parting gift to my friends in Iv to the sum of 33-34 gold to start the company with

im sorry i dont have

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For old times sake

3 Day 714, 19:39 Published in Ireland Ireland

I just thought it would be cool to do this for old times sake :)

<img src="">

ok so coming up we have a selection of

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A heartfelt plea from a citizen

14 Day 700, 10:54 Published in Ireland Ireland

Fellow Irish citizens i come to you today not as a party prez but as a fellow citizen
and as a fellow citizen i urge you to vote smart this election.

Far to often have i seen the old regulars voted in time and again and maybe we shouldnt

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