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My congress manifesto

20 Day 638, 15:36 Published in Ireland Ireland

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Binksy and I am a four term Congressman running as the incumbent from (The North East). For those of you who have supported me throughout my tenure in Congress you have my sincere thanks and gratitude.

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This mornings tunes

7 Day 638, 04:30 Published in Ireland Ireland

Ok after much though on which song to choose i have settles on 2.
The first one is for a friend of mine who i wont mention as i dont feel i need to.
So this is for you:
When i found that i also found

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Continuing the trend

7 Day 637, 14:06 Published in Ireland Ireland

I have noticed that alto of people have been expressing there thoughts in messages of poetry lately.
So i have decided to do so myself but not in the usual form.
I am not one for poetry although i respect it so i will use a song .

This is it.

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Another one bites the dust

7 Day 636, 17:32 Published in Ireland Ireland

Tonight another great bachelor of this great nation has fallen
Vyse yes that right Vyse is now engaged

It happened very suddenly in the Independent Voices channel in the early hours of this morning

It is contained in this link

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

27 Day 635, 11:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

I hate it because of political infighting and smear campaigns im really getting sick of it .
I am sorry if im stepping on toes but i feel it needs to be said.

STFU the lot of you.

You are supposed to be here for the good of e IRELAND but

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