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You know what's really sad...

10 Day 501, 17:25 Published in China China

What's really sad is....

The fact that China has not elected its own Chinese leader four over four months. From Balash to Food2rax, there hasn't been a leader who has genuine interest in China and not Iran or Indonesia.

The fact that our only

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Proclamation on Chinese Equality

16 Day 490, 13:57 Published in China China

My fellow Chinese,
Turbulent times require solid leadership. The strength, will and power to endure rests in the leadership of the Chinese Egalitarians. As leader of the Chinese Equality Party, I , Modelcon, would like all Chinese to know … read more »

Beijing Liberation, and My Faith in Japan

10 Day 489, 13:31 Published in Japan Japan

My dear Japanese,

In one hour, Beijing will be liberated, to be returned to Chinese hands.

I am here to inform you the circumstances around Liberation, and to convey the thanks of the Chinese people to the Japanese who fought in Iran.
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Join a Party, any Party

20 Day 485, 13:15 Published in China China

My fellow citizens,
With the inclusion of Shanghai to the mainland, we have significantly increased our population, by about 50%. At the moment I am writing this, we have 157 citizens in China, a strong increase from only a few days ago.

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Save my children...

10 Day 483, 15:43 Published in Japan Japan

From the insidious presence of Hitoshi Makoto.

Let's be honest here. Hitoshi has not been the most popular of all Japanese. His media spamming, his weird views and his opportunistic actions have garnered huge criticism from Japanese. Among most

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