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Some Useless Stats!

19 Day 3,140, 14:42 Published in Sweden Sweden Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Let's take a look at some player stats, nothing fancy but good enough in times of media shortage and boredom I guess! Getting the shiny medals and increasing the eNumbers is not everybody's cup of tea, but something easy to look for at least.


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[FBS] Rösta inte Master Lobbban Le Rub Klitoris

7 Day 3,120, 01:20 Published in Sweden Sweden Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The eRepublik team has now changed the name back to "Master Lobbban Le Rub Klitoris" and the party name to "My party name was illegal"
He has been temporarily banned for breaking the following rule:

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[MoD] New Military Order Group(s)

19 Day 3,107, 13:44 Published in Sweden Sweden Battle orders Battle orders

There have been complaints regarding lack of communication. No doubt that the level of activity has declined in the country, but We do have a PM Group where MU commanders/captains are involved and orders are regularly passed to them.

For the

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[MoD] Little Information Regarding Resource Wars

9 Day 3,100, 02:51 Published in Sweden Sweden Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I'll try to be brief. New resources have been introduced and number of old resources have been changed, so the mighty eRep Gods created an event and we have to get our desired resources all over again or so we'll try.

You can check the resources

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UK in the Spotlight!

28 Day 2,470, 04:06 Published in Sweden Sweden Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

There has been a shortage of wars in eRep during the past week or so, but since we have a tournament next week, it ought to change.

Sweden got a border with UK after they won in Trondelag. Sweden

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