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Defend New Zealand!

24 Day 1,115, 18:24 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

People of New Zealand:

You are the NZDF. If you want NZ to have an army, be that army. What do 'generals' have to do with anything?

I refuse to accept a military leadership that disbands the army. This is against the interests of New Zealand.

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The First Interview of the Rest of your Life

4 Day 1,108, 20:15 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Pang5awang is an applicant for NZ citizenship. He has a bold name, and an excellent sense of what burned stuff he'd like to smell like. Is there a policy, telling him what he needs to do to become a citizen?

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We're gonna have to build a fence

1 Day 1,108, 10:37 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

...possibly with lasers. This is yet another response from a person applying for New Zealand citizenship, his name is SergiuSky. And here I thought 30+ people becoming active in our forums and IRC this month was wildly unlikely. Who knew?

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More Immigration Interview Action.

0 Day 1,108, 03:44 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

This is here is a citizen applicant person named waala.

1) What brought you to New Zealand?

Initially, business. I am already here with an Org, a grain company and a food company.
Then I felt that I had to do something more for this awesome

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Don't play hard to get NZ!

1 Day 1,108, 23:33 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

I sent a message to everybody applying for NZ citizenship, thought we should get to know them:

Hi and Welcome to New Zealand. Don't be alarmed, this is not the government. You have made an awsome choice in New Zealand. Its a great community. This

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