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Time to stop this Emperor nonsense

13 Day 1,545, 17:14 Published in Austria Austria Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Through the past week or so since I have come/returned to eAustria, all I have been hearing from everyone is that the Country President is PTOing the country. I have also heard many opinions through these days from both Rebels and Kuruc’s and I

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Hello Citizens of Switzerland

6 Day 1,513, 15:20 Published in Switzerland Switzerland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hello Citizens of Switzerland, I come in peace. I would just like to introduce myself to the community first as Patar333. I have been several cabinet positions and CP of eAustria and I have come to eSwitzerland to help the country with it's

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Presidential Election Race December 2011 Goals

7 Day 1,473, 19:25 Published in Austria Austria First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

As many people have noticed, I will be running once again in this election, but I will be going against past president and Minister of Finance in my cabinet, erdoni. People are already calling it a race to remember, or the race of the year. And my

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So far as being CP this month

4 Day 1,465, 07:27 Published in Austria Austria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Well ladies and gentlemen, there have been a few rough patches throughout this term, but I am still alive thankfully. At the beginning of this month, I expected a lot of things to be set as organized as possible or things done without very little

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Country President Platform November 2011: Part 2

15 Day 1,446, 16:28 Published in Austria Austria First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik


By the way people, is it possible if we can get some voters and also readers for this article?:

Now in part 2, I give to you my cabinet:

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