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Turning Of The Tide (Zycon + Job Offers)

1 Day 414, 20:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Well, I have to say, it's nice to be writing to you all again!

There have been several new situations since our last articles which was rather disheartening, to say the least.

We are now in a much stronger position and are able to again

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Declining Markets - Wage Cuts and Apology From Zycon

3 Day 372, 14:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dear Zycon workers,

The current market is currently not capable of providing us with the funds to sustain the lavish wages we were once able to supply, we are indeed apologetic for this, indeed my own wage has been slashed by 50% and no, I do not

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Zycon: Issue 2 - Finding Our Feet

4 Day 368, 12:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dear citizens of the United Kingdom,

Today, I write to you with a great deal more pride than in our previous article. This can be attributed to what I can only describe as a great 16 days, (The time that has passed since our last article).

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Issue 1 - In The Beginning

26 Day 352, 16:05 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Well it is exactly one month to the day that Zycon Industries started business. So to keep our employees and the world up to date with how the business is going we will be producing a monthly newspaper. Each month we'll discuss the state of the

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