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Arm America Alert - South West of England - Day 1107

17 Day 1,107, 15:41 Published in USA USA

*****Updated Battle: North West of Englan😨

The Redcoats are Now on the Offensive
Southwest England
http://www. … read more »

Arm America Alert - Day 1104 - Invasion of London, Part Deux

16 Day 1,103, 13:43 Published in USA USA

The Battle for London
The mini battles will end at the following times:
11:30eRep, 13:30eRep, 15:30eRep, 17:30eRep, … read more »

Alert - Day 1100 - Canary Islands

11 Day 1,100, 06:36 Published in USA USA

The Canary Islands
The mini battles will end at the following times:
08:10eRep, 10:10eRep, 12:10eRep, 14:10eRep, 16: … read more »

ALERT Day 1098

20 Day 1,098, 11:45 Published in USA USA

Department of Defense Citizen Orders
All citizens are encouraged to … read more »

Drumroll Please....

23 Day 1,093, 18:32 Published in USA USA

Well I am pleased to announce that the Arm America Program is now in full force in the eUS. Yeah that's right! So sign up for it now! If you are unsure what this program is I will give … read more »