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Come to London, it's lovely here.

4 Day 804, 03:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

After weeks of encouraging others to move to London to build up our fortress region, I have finally taken my own advice. I left it this late because I knew the attacks we have so far witnessed have been feints, blocking manoeuvres. Gentlemen,

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Open letter to eHungary

10 Day 789, 08:19 Published in Hungary Hungary

Dear eHungary,

You’ll have to forgive my complete ignorance of your language, and bear with me as I write to you in English.

I would first like personally to thank all the eHungarians who fought and continue to fight to keep the eUK free. Your

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The UKRP Deserves the Best

14 Day 753, 09:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

There is an abundance of material already published detailing Winston’s shocking conduct during his time as party president, and why he is unsuitable to lead the party any longer; I won’t be adding to it.

Instead I shall explain why I support

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