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WA: At what price?

10 Day 712, 22:25 Published in Australia Australia

By now everyone would have read this and formed their own opinion on it; and there are a lot of articles out there right now on whether or not it was

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Fasle Advertising?

16 Day 705, 17:32 Published in Australia Australia

I know that election day brings out the shameless salesman in all of us, but today I ask, when does advertising go too far?

A provocative and convincing ad I saw today rea😨

By voting for a member of the ADSP, you're voting for Q5 hospitals

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TheBlackAdder for QLD senate

4 Day 700, 22:18 Published in Australia Australia

I will be running for senate with the TBP again in QLD on the 25th of the month.

Regretably last time I ran in senate in QLD voters chose not to elect me. I am writting to you today to try and change that decision.


A vote

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NAB verdict: aftermath

10 Day 699, 22:16 Published in Australia Australia

Patti's most recent article:
outlines the results and verdict of the NAB gold theft and investigation.

Although not conclusive, the evidence points to Son of Rambo, the

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True Blue PP Candidate

7 Day 693, 02:46 Published in Australia Australia

Hey all,

With Party President elections looming its about time that someone from the True Blue Party made an appearance.

I am here to announce that I will be running for PP of TBP this month.
For the first time the True Blue Party will have a

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