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Another Person Leaving eRepublik

5 Day 1,289, 20:26 Published in Austria Austria Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Although in reality I stopped logging on to play this game about a week ago, I feel that it should be announced that I am leaving eRepublik for good.

Most of the people who see this won't know who I am. That's fine by me, as it means that I have

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An Article Where Once Was None

4 Day 1,227, 21:33 Published in Austria Austria

I noticed, as I logged in on this fine evening, that I haven't writen an article in about four months. How good of me. I think I shall rectify that situation.

As the black letters of whatever vaguely sans-serif font they use to display my name

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Awake From my Slumber

4 Day 1,095, 20:26 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

I have been two-clicking for far too long...

Although I emigrated to New Zealand some time ago, coming from the PTO-ravished country of Thailand, I have yet to actually introduce myself to the people of my new home.

I am Jeff Hamilton, former

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The Thailand Alliance Referendum

6 Day 977, 19:13 Published in Thailand Thailand

Hello, people of Thailand.

As most of you know, I promised that, if I won the primary, I would be holding an alliance referendum on which alliance Thailand would be joining. This referendum will either be held during my Presidency, or, if the

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The Hamilton Cabinet

3 Day 976, 20:56 Published in Thailand Thailand

I would first like the people who voted for me in the primary. Let us now see Thailand march into the future!

Now, to announce the beginnings of the next Cabinet:

President: Jeff Hamilton

Vice-President: Loouman

MoFA/Minister of

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