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I have decided to make a reappearance.

4 Day 295, 14:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

After many months of being absent from eRepublik I thought it fitting I return to see how things have moved along.

Looking to go back into work in the hospital sector considering that is currently my highest skill.

Anyone remember me and can

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94asm For Mayor of Oxford

0 Day 119, 10:56 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Its that time again people; the local elections are upon us once more and this time I am promoting why I should be kept as the Mayor of Oxford for a second term.

Having narrowly won the last local elections I have seen Oxford continue to grow and

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Looking for work in the hospital industry

1 Day 115, 08:34 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

With my company sold to a new owner, I think its time I went back to work to earn an honest wage.

I have a high(ish) hospital skill so if anyone has vacancies I will happily accept.

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Sale of El313ct Airlines

6 Day 111, 11:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

I am considering putting El313ct Airlines up for sale. If you would like to make an offer please send me a message. Gold or GBP accepted. Will consider all offers (but if they are blatently a joke they will be ignored).

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Appeal for more workers in the Moving Industry!

4 Day 104, 07:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Looking regularly at the Human Resources page it is clear to see there is little enthusiasm and interest for the unemployed in the Moving Industry. Whilst there many be 30 people wanting to go into Weaponry, the Moving sector attracts barely 10. Why

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