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Good Bye Australia (short break)

6 Day 1,083, 03:27 Published in Australia Australia

im gonna 2 click this game for a while as my school work is piling up

guees i'll see you guys later 😃

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I have made an accomplishment

0 Day 1,052, 02:23 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

I am the first person to reside in Auckland and the third to reside in New Zealand I am one of the third settlers

also New Zealnd is the Bomb nuff said

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Good Bye Australia

13 Day 1,049, 00:42 Published in Australia Australia


For months now we have been constantly fending off the AnD PTO they have taken a heavy toll on this country. Forced people to quit the game, steal our gold supply etc. I have had enough of this and I can't handle it anymore. They have

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The Tasmanian Republic

20 Day 1,032, 16:39 Published in Australia Australia

Dear readers

since All of the Australian Mainland has been conquered it seems like all hope is lost but really its just the begining......

Of the Tasmanian Republic since every all of our mainland is Indonesian we can now be the tasmanian

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Let's help the Spanish Babyboom

1 Day 900, 14:44 Published in Australia Australia

watch this and help out spain and EDEN!

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