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T'chiyat Ha'metim

4 Day 851, 18:25 Published in Israel Israel

Ater 8 months or so, I have returned from the dead to participate in the fortunes of eIsrael...

So how is everybody? Is my level still decent compared to the world average? And how are the political parties now (I don't plan on running just yet -

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What to do, what to do?

4 Day 558, 15:34 Published in Israel Israel

In a completely unrelated note, this also happens to be the title of a pamphlet that Lenin wrote. But the forum has lots of flame wars on whether socialism/communism is good for eRepublik countries or not, go argue about the issue there.

So I

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Awkward Elections 2: Electric Boogaloo

3 Day 552, 18:52 Published in Israel Israel

So, I said I wasn't gonna write this until the end of the elections, but I looked around on the forums and found this:

I'll just let it speak for itself.

In the

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eIsraeli Culture and Memes

1 Day 552, 17:24 Published in Israel Israel

This has nothing to do with the elections. IF I find anything interesting concerning the end result of said elections, I will cover it in the article "Awkward Elections 2: Electric Boogaloo". Maybe.

My fellow eIsraelis, in the 3-4 months that we'

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Awkward Elections

17 Day 552, 08:44 Published in Israel Israel

With all the speeches going around about how Congressmen are going to serve eIsrael, there's one basic fact that everyone's failed to notice...

A good percentage of the winners in the current standings aren't actively involved with the betterment

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