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So...Its your first eRep day

13 Day 1,150, 04:21 Published in Australia Australia

Greetings to my fellow eAussies.
I want to start by first of all thanking the following people who donated to our charities over the last few days and extending gratitude to the donors with their generousity.

Snipper kiddo

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Every Little Bit Counts

13 Day 1,147, 08:40 Published in Australia Australia

Although my recent time in eRep has not been the most enjoyable, I have decided to do what i
previously used to do, which is help noobs with a bit of food and advice, now that i have found a great way of doing it again.

I will start by saying

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General Advice for General Managers

11 Day 1,088, 06:53 Published in Australia Australia

After seeing our market over the time that I have been playing go from one extreme to the other, seeing production numbers for goods and citizens do the same thing, it seems that admins have maybe almost considered thinking about keeping the

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New Media Module Changes

4 Day 1,057, 22:48 Published in Australia Australia

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Tax Haven Jobs and The Resistence

4 Day 1,053, 21:38 Published in Australia Australia

Greetings Fellow Oppressed PTO'd Aussies.

Tax Haven jobs are an important part of surviving under the Indo PTO regime.
There are several RESPECTED AND AUSTRALIAN OWNED companies that are offering tax haven jobs for Australian citizens.


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