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A Run For Congress

7 Day 1,247, 05:21 Published in Australia Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am announcing a run for congress.

If you want someone to fight for you in congress

If you want a better deal for eAustralian business


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Monetary Market

8 Day 1,184, 18:10 Published in Australia Australia

Hello again my dearest little cherubs.
With all the changes in eRepublik lately, it's a surprise that the Monetary Market hasn't actually changed over the course of these other changes in-game. Today i am going to try and explain a little about

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Running A Company

9 Day 1,162, 23:04 Published in Australia Australia

Alright guys. The last article I wrote concerning business matters, was, in my opinion, a fairly decent and informative article. Unfortunately, Admin helped to shoot me in the foot by going and changing everything after I had written it, so in an

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What's This War All About??

8 Day 1,158, 02:02 Published in Australia Australia

Greetings eAustralia.

Today it seems as though there is alot of unrest and uneasiness about our current war with New Zealand. Let me assure you that this is merely a land-swap with benefits for both nations.
eAustralia has only 4 of it's

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Wanna Fight About It???????

16 Day 1,153, 20:43 Published in Australia Australia

OK kids, you have made it past your first few days of work and training and you are now probably wondering how you can help you country even more by taking on the enemy on the battlefield.

At first you may be daunted by the fact, or, as most

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