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The 16th Congressional Voting record

7 Day 512, 08:33 Published in USA USA date.

Have you been curious to see how your favorite congresscritter is voting the past month? I know I have. And so thanks to the work of Claire Littleton, the Deputy Speaker of the House, also known as my personal assistant, I

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The Speaker's Address

5 Day 472, 17:07 Published in USA USA

Greetings all! It is I the new Speaker of the House, Kyle321n. I will take this brief amount of your time to let you know who I am, what I'm going to be doing as Speaker of the House (

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The 14th Congress: How Your Representative Voted

10 Day 462, 14:25 Published in USA USA

It's been a major project of the Speaker of the House to keep track of vote records and publish them. On the eve of tomorrow's elections, we are proud to publish the full list of vote totals. You may find that list at this important link;


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Welcome to the Congressional Corner + How A Bill Becomes a Law

26 Day 434, 07:42 Published in USA USA

Welcome to the first ever Congressional Corner!

My name is ProggyPop and I'm the Speaker of the House. I am the first ever Speaker, after a long series of congressional discussions, debates, and a vote. My job as Speaker is multi-faceted; I

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