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A message from the Speaker of the House

14 Day 944, 18:06 Published in USA USA

We are swiftly approaching the end of the 30th congressional term of the eRepublik congress, and thus I thought an overview, from the Speaker’s point of view might be of interest to you all. Warning: this article may … read more »

Whats happening in congress; first half of the 30th term.

7 Day 935, 17:07 Published in USA USA

A reasonably productive few weeks in congress thus far; here are the highlights.

Quorum & activity
Since a recent policy change concerning how we determine quorum and the implementation of a required weekly sign-in, I'm

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30th congress, an introduction to a disused paper

14 Day 924, 19:44 Published in USA USA

After some discussion in Congress, we have decided to re launch the congressional newspaper, publishing articles more frequently and helping the average eUS citizen better understand how congress works.

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29th Congress Peer Review & Activity Levels

18 Day 916, 19:56 Published in USA USA

Greetings, citizens of the eUS!

Unfortunately, this is both the first and last issue that will be published for the 29th Congress. However, this issue … read more »

Congressional Press: 2nd Edition of the 28th Congress: Committee Highlights

14 Day 873, 19:21 Published in USA USA

Greetings Citizens of the eUs!
This is the paper of your Congress, bringing you all the information you need to know about your legislative branch of government.

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