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The Speaker's Word: Over Halfway

7 Day 997, 16:37 Published in USA USA

The Congressmen and Congresswomen in the 32nd Mandate have held a seat in Congress for the last 19 days. It already seems like it was just a few days ago since we were running our virtual tushes off trying to get your powerful votes. Now, it even

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The Speaker's Word: Off with a Bang

13 Day 987, 18:28 Published in USA USA

Bang! It’s officially been over a week since the Congressional Elections decided who would be a member of the 32nd Mandate, and in this short amount of time, we have been working our sweaty bums off trying to serve you, the citizens of the United

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This Week in Congress: v2, Tax Policy, and Quorum

13 Day 967, 20:02 Published in USA USA

This week, we have been working hard to keep this country going even as v2 was released and everything changed.

Our Reaction to v2
Although you may not see everything behind the

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This Week in Congress: Ragequits, a new Constitution, and Congressional Activity

6 Day 958, 20:02 Published in USA USA

This week has been… rather interesting for all of us, and Congress is included in that.

Change in Congressional Leadership

Well, as you all are aware, GF/Necrosis, the

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31st Mandate Introduction

12 Day 953, 16:12 Published in USA USA

Hello America. First off, for everyone who voted in Friday’s election, thank you. You are the people who make this country run and choose the best people to serve for this country in Congress.


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