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thehorseltd - Leading through Action

6 Day 478, 08:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

We are on the doorstep of a new era for the Movement of Democratic Unity. We are on the verge of gaining 100 members, we have gained the respect of the other parties, instating the 'big 5', instead of the previous 'big 3' - no longer are we on the

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How Things Stand - The Day after Congress Elections

8 Day 433, 02:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

It's the night after the day before, and after my narrow election as a wildcard congressman (Thanks to all those who voted for me!) I thought it was time for a graphic representation of congress, so we all can … read more »

thehorseltd for congress in Northern Ireland

4 Day 426, 00:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The people of Northern Ireland deserve a candidate that will work for them. They deserve a candidate that won't run through the mills of petty politics, but will ignore the petty name calling and jibes to reach across the isles and work with other

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Graphic Design in Politics

5 Day 407, 03:51 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Relic....what can I say, his logo's a big red star. If you'll remember the american elections, John McCain's logo was a star....but it wasn't red.

Relic's logo (well the PCP's) is easily definable - IT'S A BIG RED STAR! (as above...) and easilly

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3 Day 393, 00:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

It seems our Italian buddies started to have server troubles yesterday right around the same time our illustrious UK Army Personnel couldn't make it onto the battlefield...

Server 1 -

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