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Too much fighting...

20 Day 790, 09:41 Published in Canada Canada

CPF vs. CC, Tyler F Durden vs. Octavian_F, Conan vs. Leno (Go team CoCo!)... It's gotta stop!

And now, to chill everyone out, I present to you Sarah Silverman mounting a dog. She can make anything hot.


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Introducing my new Executive Assistant...

4 Day 785, 11:23 Published in Canada Canada

Fram. I've decided that I want to inform people of certain activites going on in eRepublik but I'm also too lazy to write articles myself most of the time so I had to convince myself what I wanted to write about just wasn't that important. Now, I

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Sir DeLaShaunRon Smith for Ontario and peace on earth

4 Day 765, 21:48 Published in Canada Canada

Hey there, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Sir DeLaShaunRon Smith, congress member for NFLD & Labrador, and National Revenue Minister. I'm running once again for congress, this time in Ontario and I'd appreciate consideration for your

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Charitable Foundation ideas

3 Day 735, 22:40 Published in Canada Canada

So I've been thinking about this a bit lately and I've had a lot of fun running companies, being a bank and of course paying back loans but now I think I'd like to venture into the charitable sector of eRep. Without the likes of SCOTIA and other

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Election time is coming... (Shameless plug)

13 Day 734, 21:42 Published in Canada Canada

If I was president, I'd get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday and buried on Sunday then go back to work on Monday... If I was president.

A little Wyclef to get people into the electoral spirit. Anyways, here I am, on the even of the

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