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[TUP] Vote CBall in West Midlands!

1 Day 1,434, 02:52 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hey there,

I’m CBall and I’m delighted to be representing the West Midlands in the upcoming congress elections.

My eLife started way back on the 6th January 2008 when eRep was still in its infancy. I have seen this game change in every way

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Wage Inflation

6 Day 1,246, 04:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

Since my return last month, I have been monitoring wages in available jobs closely. Especially those in level 1 jobs available for all players, regardless of experience. In that short space of time there has been an increase from an estimated wage

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Citizens of the South East

5 Day 1,037, 12:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dear Citizens of the South East,

I am CBall and I will be running for congress this term in the area.


A little bit of a background in regards to me and my time in eRep. I joined the game way back during the beta stage

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Reserve Majors

0 Day 372, 09:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Have leadership qualities? Want more responsibility on eRepublik? Want to get a foothold in the UK military? Then this article might be for you.

We are looking for a few citizens to step forward and become new Reserve Majors in the Army. If

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Applying to the Reserves

2 Day 366, 11:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hey everyone,

Since the last article we have had a great influx of new applicants. I have started to go through the list and allocate people to squads. This takes longer than you think due to the large amount of applicants, so please be patient.

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