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Congress, Local V National

4 Day 671, 06:22 Published in USA USA

To be a congressman, you have to get elected in a region within your country. Only after assuming such an office does one usually realize that it is in fact a nation wide office. Yes, you are elected to serve your state, but in doing so, you are … read more »

Aang's Back...Again

3 Day 668, 01:06 Published in USA USA

People of Colorado,

Some of you may know me from my last 3 congressional runs in Colorado. Others might know my character from the popular TV show "Avatar the Last Airbender" on Nickelodeon. Either way, I have come once again back to my home

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No matter what happens

2 Day 583, 03:42 Published in USA USA

I respect Daphne Lilac, and Baus88, and yes, even you Ajay Bruno; I believe that Colorado will choose the right person. I hope that that person is me, but if it is not, that is fine. Whoever the winner is should be honored and feel the weight of

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One more time Colorado

7 Day 581, 02:46 Published in USA USA

Colorado, I am going to give it one more try.

Today, I throw my hat into the ring one more time for the Centennial State.

Colorado politics have been very rowdy as of late, and I would like to touch on that before I go on to my platform.

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Avatar fans must read!

3 Day 564, 05:23 Published in USA USA

If you are as hooked on Avatar the last Airbender as I am, you must see this photo. This is a photo of 12 year old Noah Ringer (Aang). Of course the only thing we did not know till now was what Noah Ringer looked like, Now we do. I have to say

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