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An idea for the government

7 Day 708, 20:51 Published in USA USA

Why are we liberating Belgium? From what I can tell they were happy doing their thing. We should liberate areas that PEACE wants to keep. Like western Australia, South Africa's areas, Chinas areas, and North Korea. All these areas are places that

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Every blood sweat and tears

2 Day 649, 22:35 Published in USA USA

I have given everything to this battle. I have fought 7 times and I look to do the same thing for tomorrow. Every patriotic american needs to drop everything and hit hard!! We really need step up america. We lost our states because we didn't step up.

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A new idea for war

20 Day 626, 19:28 Published in USA USA


I know I should contact the admins about this idea but I was trying to go for a vote from the people.PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR VOTE!!!

I have noticed that the war mechanics are very simplistic. There is only one way to fight

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Time for a new plan

5 Day 618, 15:04 Published in USA USA

From what I can tell we are getting beaten. Why might you ask? well it is because PEACE uses A LOT of RL money and they are using the RL tactic of never opening up multiple fronts. What can we do to defeat this? If we continue the current path, we

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We need YOUR HELP!

2 Day 615, 09:39 Published in USA USA

Kansas is under assault and we need your help! We almost had Cali but we need to step up and defend our homes and hospitals. Time for every US citizen to step up to the plate and get dirty. They think we are defeated but we MUST show them that we

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