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This Newspaper is dedicated to giving you the news from New Zealand and around the world, as fast as possible.

We hope to have an up and running daily service by the 25/11/2010. Please bear with us until this time.

November 24th, Day 1,100

0 Day 1,100, 19:08 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the first edition of The Marathon Herald. There shall hopefully be a daily release from now on, and we shall be bringing you all the military news from around the eWorld. I hope you enjoy.

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Coming back from RL

5 Day 1,094, 04:05 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'd like to welcome myself back to the game of eRepublik! I've spent the time since eNew Zealand opened two/four/*insert number of buttons admin deems to make us push today here* clicking, due to RL commitments, namely my

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Wilkommen zu Neue Zeelande

2 Day 1,052, 23:05 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Kia Ora Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is great to have arrived in New Zealand at last! When I first started in eRepublik nearly a year ago, I never honestly expected this day to come. But now, I'm here. I've made the trek from North Korea, and have

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Multi Attack

12 Day 1,016, 05:21 Published in North Korea North Korea

As I'm sure all congress members are aware by now, we have had the population of North Korea 'grow' by 183 today. We have received a large number of notifications saying that the country cannot afford the new citizen fee any longer. I believe, and I

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Running For President (主席的运行)

11 Day 1,010, 04:05 Published in North Korea North Korea

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before I begin, I'd like to thank those that voted for me in the Congress elections yesterday. Assuming the votes don't change, I have … read more »