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Jewinomics in Frost's America

30 Day 1,114, 12:34 Published in USA USA

8 December, 2010, Day 1,114 of the New World - The Consulate of the People’s Wealth reviews and explains the rationale against increasing import taxes, as … read more »

The People's Wealth

20 Day 1,112, 08:23 Published in USA USA

6 December, 2010, Day 1,112 of the New World - Following the victory of now High Chancellor Frost, the Report would like to announce that it will be … read more »

About Them Taxes! (GUIDE: How to Set Policy)

24 Day 1,107, 12:29 Published in USA USA

1 December, 2010, Day 1,107 of the New World – The following Report is a continuation from our previous issue, [url= more »

Let's Consider Some Things (About Them Taxes!)

48 Day 1,105, 17:08 Published in USA USA

29 November, 2010, Day 1,105 of the New World - The following Report is a special return to normalcy, discussing the very first topic that this paper ever … read more »

Our NCM Rocks my Socks

41 Day 1,085, 19:35 Published in USA USA

9 November, 2010, Day 1,085 of the New World

It's late, and all that jazz, but I have to say this..

This New Citizen Message is Grade A read more »