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Hungarians strike to power?

17 Day 471, 04:37 Published in Romania Romania

After a long time of retirement we feel obliged by the current situation to write an article concerning the imminent threat to our security, and i beg that you forgive my writing awkwardness as it has been a very long time since i last wrote an

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Start voting

0 Day 92, 01:07 Published in Romania Romania

So apart from all the comotion the other day about the state hospital we are coming to another news worthy event... The Local Elections. I wanted to write something about this yesterday, i even logged in for that, but i got entangled in some

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The Hospital Race is over!

6 Day 87, 14:29 Published in Romania Romania

Today the first hospital in Romania has been delivered. This would mark the end of a long race to build the first hospital, and with it the end of public quarrels about how hospitals should be built, or distributed. It has been made clear that the

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La cerere - un nou articol

7 Day 79, 00:00 Published in Romania Romania

in cazul in care va intrebati ce e cu chestia asta cititi mai inainte articolul Pare foarte rau dar la ora aceasta nu am putut genera un artciol propriu ci doar niste raspunsuri.

1. Proiectul evolueaza,

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Mega Group - The legal solution

0 Day 79, 00:00 Published in Romania Romania

Yesterday we have just been allowed to do this... please read It is a communicate from the erepublik admins. The thing is that i have desired for a long time to share that which i have with my fellow

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