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A vote for Glove is a vote for INCI control

249 Day 1,200, 07:02 Published in USA USA

Last night and this morning, leaders of inci took steps to officially declare war on the USA. Captain33 declared Brazil, one of our most important allies, our Natural Enemy. This is not the stance of the government of the USA, and Congressmen

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Some unanswered questions on a presidential candidate

24 Day 1,197, 19:29 Published in USA USA

In an election, often the only time a candidate can speak to his competition is in a highly structured debate format. No one wants to attend a debate. I don’t want to attend a debate, you don’t want to attend a debate. Hopefully, we can use

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The Dept of Defense and getting new players involved

38 Day 1,196, 13:37 Published in USA USA

In my previous article, I mentioned a few plans for my presidential term. In this article, I’m going to hit on two specific points: The Department of Defense and new blood. I plan on releasing a full platform in the coming days, hopefully tomorrow.

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Time for experience: A new White House contender

82 Day 1,194, 16:05 Published in USA USA


Today, I come to you with an offer; an experienced leader, with an experienced team, ready to tackle the tough challenges this nation faces.

Harrison Richardson and Ligtreb humbly submit our joint application for the White read more »

What could reasonably be called an iNCi policy

79 Day 1,183, 18:07 Published in USA USA

If you've been under a rock for the past few months, iNCi have become a vital part of our country. They are growing in numbers and are now a part of the top 5. This is not a reason to be concerned. They are normal Americans. They deserve

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