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Driving Back the Sea - Building a Stronger America

17 Day 646, 11:44 Published in USA USA

My fellow Americans,

Over the course of the last sixty days, we have experienced discouragement, we have experienced loss and we have experienced the attrition of many of our best and brightest. Our national leaders, despite their best efforts

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What IS eNOVA?

15 Day 638, 23:31 Published in USA USA

My apologies to all Americans including President Emerick

In frustration that one of the primary reasons for the formation of eNOVA, helping the eUS, appeared to be being thwarted for political reasons that had more to do with the eUS … read more »

An appeal to Americans: eNOVA

32 Day 637, 12:09 Published in USA USA

Several months ago, I began to consider creating an organization for the express purpose of uniting eUS citizens as a team to work on the support of new citizens, unifying our population toward specific goals, developing a method by which citizens

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President Ananias

28 Day 636, 16:12 Published in USA USA

I have waited and watched and attempted to contribute to the solutions put forth, I have made suggestions until I am blue in the face and have been largely ignored. While the reasons that I have been unable to influence the conversation are many,

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The Enemy and The Answer

11 Day 625, 00:01 Published in USA USA

Given the current state of our nation, I find it hard to fathom that, just a few short weeks ago, the greatest concerns of our nation were the appropriate level of import taxes, or the questions surrounding a National Primary System, or the value of

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