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Здравствуйте! And a message for Russia

7 Day 490, 18:14 Published in Russia Russia

Greetings, Russia, from a recent American immigrant.

Я понимаю немного по-русски. Я изучаю язык.

Your, now our, country is doing quite well. We've got several territories back and are on the way to becoming a powerful nation once again. The

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25 Day 446, 13:35 Published in USA USA

Those of you who are familiar with me back from the beta days will remember how the eUS used to be.

Those of you who weren't do not know what they are missing. You may not notice it today, but the eUS is decidedly serious. And by serious, I do

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An Important Proposal

9 Day 444, 15:26 Published in USA USA


I have left this nation for some three months, journeyed far and wide, and come back to you with an astounding invention. This invention will make you laugh, make you cry, and knowing the admins, make the server crash. What I bring to

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