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A Humble Suggestion

1 Day 649, 15:55 Published in USA USA

Hello, America. I hope you’re doing well.

Being your humble servant, I thought that I ought to report on the state of things, and perhaps make a small request. Our government is making great strides to reclaim our territory. Currently, we’re

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Business As Usual

3 Day 636, 20:19 Published in USA USA

Good evening, America. Allow me to take a few moments of your time tonight for a small discussion.

Politics tends to be a dirty business, littered with corruption, mudslinging, and endless accusations, even among the members of a single party.

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Peace with PEACE

10 Day 635, 17:24 Published in USA USA

My sweet America, today is a difficult day for us, and it is only the first of many on the excruciating road that lies ahead.

At 18:00, Congress passed a peace treaty effectively ending the war in the United States, which can be viewed at the

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