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On The Presidential Election: The BIG Issues

7 Day 803, 22:30 Published in USA USA

Good day, eRepublik. There's a great deal to be said about the upcoming election. The candidates are well known, their platforms are expansive, and their VP picks are exquisite. For the most part, this election's clarity leaves little to be desired;

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My Belgian Dip (Week 1)

13 Day 800, 17:08 Published in USA USA

Forewarning: this is a fairly long article, likely to appeal only to those interested in international politics. If you're okay with that, then please, continue; if not... well, as they say on the intarwebz: tlr.

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Back in Action

8 Day 797, 15:48 Published in USA USA

Yes, eRepublik. BattalGazi is back. This moment of grace on the part of the administrators has brought their motives into question in the mind of many an EDEN supporter. I'd like to briefly address some of those concerns, being a patriot of both

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Rock the Vote: A Brief Reminder

2 Day 796, 09:16 Published in USA USA

eRepublik, I feel it my duty to remind you about your civic responsibilities. As you well know, PPs are making their final choices as to who their congressional candidates will be. The congressional elections are just around the corner, and it's up

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eRepublik: Entertainment or Encumbrance?

14 Day 793, 17:36 Published in USA USA

First of all, eRepublik, credit goes to Chris Shnitzel for inspiring the title of this article.

Now, then, on to business.

eRepublik is a game. That much we know; however, a lesser-

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