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5 Day 852, 22:25 Published in USA USA

Before you read this, know that it's a bit on the "tlr" side, and it's a bit deep. For those who don't like getting more than their intellectual toes wet, I suggest you go read something slightly shallower.

I recently had an argument

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On Civil Servitude

8 Day 850, 12:39 Published in USA USA

With the next round of congressional elections just around the corner, there are more than a few hopefuls vying for their spot in our legislative body. Each candidate (ideally) has a different set of ideals, a different political leaning, and a

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Ad Populum

3 Day 846, 22:46 Published in USA USA

Populism is such a useful tool, is it not? Mass appeal. Working for "the people", whoever that is.

Now, I haven't written an article - or done much of anything here in the eWorld - in quite a while; I ask you not to be alarmed. Let me

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On a Personal Note...

6 Day 813, 05:16 Published in USA USA

It's probably meaningless bragging, but I hit General today. I'm pretty happy about that. Next stop - Field Marshal! 🙂

Party time


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My Belgian Dip (Week 2)

10 Day 811, 15:37 Published in USA USA

This will be a fairly short article, and shall function as an update on my Week 1 report, which can be viewed here.

1. Politics

In the

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