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Dante623 for ANP PP

21 Day 902, 02:08 Published in Australia Australia

Fellow ANP members

I’ve been a Senator for the past two months now and I’ve in my time come to respect the ANP and the ethos, while sometimes I’ve had disagreements with some members of the party overall we stand as a united front to help grow

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Just Do It (50% more smut)

15 Day 880, 23:45 Published in Australia Australia

Now I know what your thinking, Your thinking "ahhh,not another senate presentation with a alluring title, curse you!!" well...thats completely true but this ones different, this one is well, is full of smut to keep you entertained.


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We Love Romania! (From Australia)

8 Day 868, 07:45 Published in Romania Romania

We've Been Friends for ages!

You've been there for us, we want to be there for you

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Senate Presentation

7 Day 851, 05:46 Published in Australia Australia

Why should you, the great people of Australia vote for me? Well I’ll present to you a easy to follow series of reasons to vote for me and how it will help Australia, I'll be running in Western Australia under the Australian Independents after losing

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Give It Your Best Shot

2 Day 838, 07:32 Published in Australia Australia

Argentina! you better try your best!

Cause you caught these Aussies at their best!

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