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[andyr][GoV] Politica, sociala

34 Day 786, 14:28 Published in Romania Romania

Salut tuturor (da, mi-am schimbat salutul),

Va promisesem ieri cateva detalii despre principiile care vor guverna politica sociala din acest mandat (si care, dupa parerea mea, ar trebui sa guverneze politica sociala in orice mandat). De altfel, a

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[andyr][GoV]Romania, ziua 7

48 Day 785, 02:03 Published in Romania Romania

Buna ziua Romania,

Ca de obicei cateva updateuri despre intamplarile din ultimele zile :

1). RWul din Vidin

- pentru a clarifica eventualele posibile acuzatii, RWul a fost deschis de Doxx 100% din banii personali, pentru

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[andyr][GoV] Romania, ziua 5 - UPDATED

76 Day 783, 09:04 Published in Romania Romania

Buna ziua Romania,

Ca de obicei, cateva repere si explicatii despre ultimele zile. Si nu pot incepe decat cu :

1. Bulgaria
Am observat multe comentarii impotriva eliberarii teritoriilor bulgaresti care vin, din pacate, dintr-o

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[andyr][GoV] Official statement/offer on the Bulgaria - Romania conflict

241 Day 782, 12:45 Published in Romania Romania

(romanian players, please vote)

Good evening,

First of all allow me to express my deepest regrets towards the chain of events that brought to the dissappearance of Bulgaria as a country. It was never our intent to get to this, and it

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[andyr]Transilvania, Hungary

148 Day 782, 05:26 Published in Hungary Hungary

Good afternoon Hungary,

Yes, this is an article from the Romanian president. Yes, you can consider it propaganda, but that doesn't make the ideas underlined below less true - as a principle, I always read the article before reading who wrote it.

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