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The Political Party Module

7 Day 819, 14:40 Published in USA USA

Once again I have found myself bored out of my mind and motivated by a failure of political systems all across the world and my great respect for this game. Much like my previous Military Module article, this article will outline an

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Starting a Successful Company

7 Day 813, 22:17 Published in USA USA

Like most people in eRepublik I'm betting that you have always dreamed of running your own company. It's human nature; money and power, power and money. What most people do not know is how to start one and then keep it profitable. I'm also

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The Military Module

50 Day 755, 16:17 Published in USA USA

- With the admins hard at work on a new war module, don't you think it would be nice for every nation to have its very own dedicated military as well? While current military systems work just fine, they require much maintenance and attention to

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What's Really Wrong with the New Feature: You (So STFU)

22 Day 752, 16:56 Published in USA USA

Every time that the admins attempt to make the game a little bit better I see the entire eCommunity crap their pants. The #1 eUS article does nothing but flame the admins because "HAVE NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER FOR THE OLD PLAYERS WHO HAVE

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Biscuits and Whores

18 Day 693, 21:13 Published in USA USA

Always cream and gravy

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