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Go Guard!

55 Day 1,237, 19:28 Published in USA USA

We’re always ready. We’re always there.

The United States National Guard is a military branch that welcomes recruits straight out of the Training … read more »

Rise: Zombie King

22 Day 1,234, 19:07 Published in USA USA

(This is a political article. Sorry to international subscribers!)

[img][[/img] … read more »

World in Conflict VI: Day 1216

25 Day 1,216, 11:09 Published in USA USA

Editors Note: Well, it has been almost 100 days (98 to be exact) … read more »

A Whole Year

28 Day 1,215, 07:51 Published in USA USA

Well look at that. I’ve officially been playing eRepublik for a whole year today.

I started when V1 was on its way out the door, and weathered the infamous V2 changes that killed half the community.

I witnessed the fall of the USWP, AAP,

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Fool Me Once...

74 Day 1,203, 20:10 Published in USA USA

[ … read more »