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NEW MISSIONS - suggestion to admins

79 Day 1,361, 15:29 Published in Croatia Croatia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hi there!
Been planning to publish a serious article but can't find the time to finish it so here's one for teh lulz to get me going...
If you prefer serious stuff stay tuned, an article about ONE's love troubles is in the making 😉


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S druge strane barikade - MPP promjene

114 Day 1,168, 13:29 Published in Croatia Croatia

Kao što vjerojatno svi već znate, poljski CP smrtan danas je stavio na glasanje MPP (Mutual protection pact ili Ugovor o uzajamnoj obrani/zaštiti) sa Srbijom, a kongres ga je čini se već izglasao[/

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