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AIP StewartB for Congress - Messages of Support Welcomed

4 Day 548, 05:58 Published in Australia Australia

Since joining the game I have founded Eureka Holdings and trained up Maverick Goh to become CEO, and he has done me proud the companies are going from strength to strength. A group of companies for people to feel at home at and for aspiring GM's to

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Eureka Holdings - Promotion of Maverick Goh to CEO , StewartB Retiring.

6 Day 536, 07:18 Published in Australia Australia

This is to announce my retirement from the business world and the handing over of the reigns to Maverick Goh as CEO

Maverick has shown great leadership in running the companies under my guidence for the past 1 month and has been able to improve

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Many Thanks to Indonesia

17 Day 536, 07:07 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

Thank you to Indonesia for the release of QLD. Thank you to all the Indonesians who fought on our side in the RW and made it a reality.

We are one happy nation and thank our neighbours for treating us as equals and respecting our independance.

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QLD Now back under Australian Control - Major Day in Australian History

7 Day 536, 06:07 Published in Romania Romania

Today marks another great day in the road back to Australia being a whole nation again. With the successful release of QLD by Indonesia.

The battle was won with the help of the eIndonesian Military as there was some internal resistance by the

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Vision for Australian Independants Party

7 Day 535, 18:44 Published in Australia Australia

My Vision

1.Place for people to share ideas no matter how different they maybe.

2.Place for new people interested in politics to see different ideas before they choose a path for thier political career.

3.Better organisation of the people

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